Welcome to Grimes Smithing Co.!

My name is Betsy Grimes, and I'm the woman behind the torch! I've been making jewelry since April 2020 and I've learned a lot about the industry and a lot about my own morals with jewelry. I don't believe in fast fashion and I don't believe in outsourcing my work. Every product you receive has been cut, formed, soldered, set, sanded, and polished by my hands alone. I am self-taught in everything I make to date.

One of my favorite things to make is custom jewelry. I've got a selection of hand picked stones you can choose from or if you've got a stone in mind, I can talk with my supplier about ordering one in for you. If you've got a favorite stone or a broken ring you want to selvage, I would love to hear from you and see what we can do! Although I don't make nearly as many necklaces or earrings, I'm always more than willing to make your perfect piece, no matter what it is! (I'd love to do some custom bolo ties)

All sales are final but if you need any type of repair within 90 days of the purchase date, I'd be more than willing to get it fixed up for you free of charge!

Thanks so much for stopping by and supporting my tiny business, I'm looking forward to working with you!

photo by @babecitystudio