Do you work with gold?
I do work with gold! I've worked with gold-fill in the past and I no longer offer gold-fill. I offer 14k solid gold upon request, it's not a material I always have on hand but I will be more than happy to order it in for you.
Would you be willing to set my own, personal stones?
I am willing to set customer stones! One thing that I always disclaim is that stones are not indestructible. I am not liable for any damage to stones. I will say, I've done plenty of stone settings with personal stones and have never run into this problem, but it is a possibility.
How much would a 14k gold opal ring cost?
It depends on the opal. I've done two solid gold opal rings in the past and they run around $350. Those were for small opals so the bigger the stone, the more material, meaning the cost goes up.
I have big fingers, do you carry large sizes?
I carry sizes 1-16! If you want to a special order a stone to have set, I'm more than willing to make it between those sizes. If you see a ring on my site that you want bigger, depending on the ring, I can go up to a 16.
 Can I return a ring if it's not what I was expecting?
All sales are, and always will be, final. Due to the nature of all my rings being 100% handmade, I am unable to issue refunds. If you need a repair done within the first 90 days, I'd be happy to help. Anything beyond repairs (ie you don't like the stone you picked, the stone was too big) I do not offer refunds or credits on.
I have an old ring that doesn't fit/is broken, will you fix it?
I don't love working on other peoples work. That being said, if it's a simple repair I'll look into it. Most of the time, if a ring is broken to any degree, it needs to be reset. I'm happy to reset a ring for you but it's not a free service.
Can you make a ring smaller?
I can not make rings smaller free of charge. If a ring needs to be made smaller, it means having to deconstruct the ring as a whole, meaning I have to scrap the original material and make an entirely new ring. Depending on the size of the stone, it can range from an extra $50-$100.